Official Control Regulations

The objective of this programme is to spread knowledge and best practices in relation to new role on the Official Control Regulation (OCR), to improve comprehension of this complex area of work and further harmonise the approaches and practices of the MS with a view to increasing the efficacy of the competent authorities/control bodies to verify compliance with the legal requirements in the field of statutory controls.

The “Official Control Regulation” (Regulation (EU) 2017/625) modernises EU control legislation by providing for more risk-based approach, by sharpening enforcement tools and by integrating more consistently the system of official controls in the animal health, plant health and plant reproductive material sectors. As to the financing of official controls, it aims to ensure the availability of stable and appropriate resources, ensure equity and fairness in the financing of official controls and improve transparency.

Upcoming Training Sessions

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Session Details


The OCR programme aims to:

  • Increase knowledge and provide for a common and unambiguous understanding of EU legislation and its’ consistent and harmonised implementation across the EU and associated countries;
  • Improve understanding and exchange the knowledge of the new, modern, risk-based approach in all areas covered by the scope of the Regulation (EU) 2017/625;
  • Share the best practices and increase the general awareness of, and level of preparedness for, the EU regulatory framework for official controls along the agri-food chain;
  • Disseminate the findings of the seminar as relevant and implement the possible solutions with respect to official controls and other official activities to be carried out in the Member States and associated countries as of 14 December 2019;
  • Strengthen the Commission’s priority’s in the area of the European Green Deal and the Farm to Fork strategy for a fair, healthy and environmentally friendly food system.

Support provided by the project

A total of 240 seats will be allocated across the 8 Face-to-Face sessions according to the tables below. Please note that due to COVID-19 pandemic, the number of Face-to-Face events could be “converted” in a virtual environment.

In case of implementation of virtual sessions, the number of participants will rise in order to reach 600 virtual participants for the full project, hence respective Countries can send more participants requests than the limit stipulated for face-to-face activities.

Selection of Participants

The registration of the trainees is based on the submission of applications by the national contact point.

The training is addressed to both to officials from relevant competent authorities involved in policy making, planning and control activities (at central or regional level), and field inspectors involved in such control activities, including border control post staff, Plant Health Officers, Animal Health Officers, Food inspectors etc. 


Project Manager is Marco Madeddu, assisted by Estelle Pain Marco



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