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Founded in 1996, AETS is a multidisciplinary consulting company specialised in the implementation of EU policies and international cooperation and development. We provide innovative and context-specific solutions to meet our clients’ needs emerging from socio-economic, political, and environmental challenges.

AETS has a long track record in implementing large multidisciplinary projects for the European Commission (DG SANTE, DG MARE, DG Energy, and DG INTPA) and 

other institutional clients such as the Agence Française de Développement and the World Bank, and their beneficiaries, as well as private companies.

Our established areas of expertise include Energy, Health and Safety, Climate and Infrastructure, Economic Development, and Governance and Human Development.

Our Clients

Our Philosophy

Our capacity to create an innovative service and suitable solutions, as well as a code of ethics focused on the people, trust, integrity and commitment that are intrinsic to our relationships with our clients and partners.

Our Principle

Our international dimension gives us a gateway to the world which, combined with the diversity of our know-how and professionalism, enables us to ensure the quality and relevance of results.

Our Advantage

AETS has a strict framework centred on a continuous improvement approach and develops counselling and training services that fully comply with current technical and economic requirements.

Our Team

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Elena Guidea

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Vincent Andre

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During our 25 years as a leading consultancy in the implementation of EU policies, food safety has remained one of the sectors that we’re most passionate about, with years of delivering BTSF programmes having taken our expertise from strength to strength. Among our in-house team you’ll find experienced veterinarians and food scientists, in addition to our established network of leading specialists in a variety of food safety related topics. We match this with a dynamic squad of AETS administrators and event managers who ensure that each session goes off without a hitch.

Innovative Solutions

We have delivered enough safer food trainings to know that each topic and each session are different. So while we’ve built up a comprehensive training methodology over the years, we’re constantly learning and improving. We’re also never afraid to adapt our trainings to the contours of the topic in question, the strengths of your trainer, your needs as a learner, and any other factors that may pop up.

Never was this truer than during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. For many years, one of our trainings’ key strengths were that they got you in the same room as a leading tutor specialised in your area. But of course, that was out of the question and we had to innovate. Fast forward a few months and our team were successfully delivering fully virtual trainings. And now that in-person sessions are returning, we’re bringing what we’ve learned back into the real-life classroom.

Strong Connections

As a small but international team ourselves, we massively value personal connections and positive communication. This doesn’t just underpin how we work in organising training programmes, but it’s also something we love to see reflected in our sessions. That’s why we make sure that each training is also a useful and enjoyable networking opportunity for participants. We’ve worked for years with many of our expert tutors, and we hope to see you back at future trainings too!


The European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) manages European programmes and initiatives on behalf of the European Commission.

Based in Brussels, the HaDEA addresses the European Commission’s ambition to help rebuild a post-COVID-19 Europe at its heart, which will be greener, more digital, more resilient and better fit for the current and forthcoming challenges.

As such, it works closely together with its parent Directorate-Generals which are focused on legislative and strategic tasks in policy making. In addition to the Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety (DG SANTE), its lead DG, these include DGs CNECT, DEFIS, GROW, and RTD.

HaDEA website: hadea.ec.europa.eu/index_en

Alongside the Better Training for Safer Food initiative, the HaDEA also implements initiatives such as:
• EU4Health programme;
• Horizon Europe: Pillar II, Cluster 1: Health;
• Digital Europe Programme;
• Connecting Europe Facility: Digital;
• Horizon Europe: Pillar II, cluster 4: Digital, Industry and Space.

The HaDEA was established on 16 February 2021, thus taking over responsibility for the BTSF initiative from the previous Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency.

More information from HaDEA on the BTSF initiative: hadea.ec.europa.eu/programmes/food_en

Consortium partners

To deliver its BTSF EU training sessions, AETS often works with partners including:

  • AENOR (Spain);
  • AESA – Agriconsulting Europe S.A. (Belgium);
  • AINIA (Spain);
  • FVI – France Vétérinaire International (France);
  • OPERA (Italy);
  • NSF International (Belgium).