How to Apply

Your National Contact Point

Official “Better Training for Safer Food” contact points have been designated for EU Member States, as well as Candidate, Acceding, and Associated Countries. Each contact point interfaces with the Commission in order to coordinate aspects of the initiative’s activities relevant to their own country, in particular the selection of training participants. Staff of competent authorities interested in finding out more about participating in “Better Training for Safer Food” activities are invited to refer to the appropriate national contact point.

To know more about who is your national contact point, please click on the following link:

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the contact person for questions concerning the training programme?

For all questions concerning the seminars that AETS is responsible for (list of seminars), AETS will be your unique contact, whether you are a competent authority or private participant. Questions requiring a reply from DG SANTE will be passed-on by the AETS consortium Project Team.

What is the role of the Directorate General for Health and Food Safety (SANTE) in the seminars?

DG SANTE is behind the programme “better training for safer food” and finances its operation. It is represented by senior staff who debate with the attending participants.

What are the conditions for participation at the training seminars?

The conditions of participation vary according to the respective seminar themes. We encourage you to click on the seminar that you wish to participate at, in order to learn about the conditions. We would like to inform you however, that these conditions are restrictive.

Is there a selection process in order to benefit from fee-covered participation?

Only the personnel from the competent authorities or participants from the public sector can benefit from seminar participation fee-covering. The selection is made by the National Project Coordinator or National Point of Contact and is based upon your project, your sector of activity and the number of fee-covered places available.

Will the fee-covered participants come across non-reimbursed costs?

Fee-covered participants will have their return, economy class flights supported by the programm, based upon the most direct trip. Travels are directly organised bythe subcontractor (or theirown travel agency).Transfer from home to Airport, Visa and airport fees can also be taken into account. Nevertheless, payments are only made upon presentation of corresponding documentary evidence. Project costs cover catering (3 meals per day), the hotel, transfers from the airport to the hotel, access to the seminar rooms and are stated in the contents of “Package”, outlining these covered costs. Private trips and in general, all costs that are not mentioned in the “Package” (mini-bar, bar, dry-cleaning,etc.,) are not reimbursed by the Project.

Do we have to reserve the hotel ourselves?

No. The Project Management Unit takes care of everything insofar as you are registered on the list. We re-contact you systematically to fix the details of your registration. Details concerning the hotel and the programme will be sent to you and are also freely consultable on the web site by simply clicking on the seminar that interests you (provided that registration is open).

How can we find out about seminar start times, the location of the seminar room and eating times?

A detailed programme will provided for you before the seminar and an introductory guide will also be given to you upon arrival at the hotel.

Possibility of special meals corresponding to personal eating requirements?

Please be aware that the Project Management Unit takes different faiths and cultures into account in the composition of the menus.

Can we have additional seminar materials for our colleagues?

No. The documents and materials (folders, USB drivers, pens, notebooks etc.,) are distributed by name.

Can we claim a daily allowance for the stay when we are a fee-covered participant?

No, as the overall costs (hotel, catering, travelling) are covered by the Project.

How can we participate when we are from the private sector?

Only certain days and certain seminars are open to the private sector. Please refer to the conditions of participation by clicking on the seminar that interests you on the web site.
Following this, all you need to do is submit a registration form to the address indicated and pay the entry fee.

Who can we send our technical questions to?

The specific aim of these seminars is to provide technical guidance on all the questions that you might have relating the topic of the session.

While registered for a session, you can kindly send your questions to the Event Manager who will forward them to the tutors’ team. Your questions will be answered during the training.

Can a country benefit from personal assistance through this programme?

Yes. Expert and training advice can be granted to the competent authorities that have specific, targeted needs.

Find out the name of my National Project Coordinator from the competent authority in my country?

We recall that the National Project Coordinator (or the National Contact Point) forwards a list of fee-covered participants to the Project Management Unit that subsequently validates these choices. To obtain the name and the details of the NPC, please contact the Management of the Project Unit who will send you the necessary information as soon as possible (contact AETS).

How will travelling be organised?

Once selected, the Project Manager will ask you to fill-in a registration form on which you must specify the details of your flight reservation. Payment of the ticket will be made directly to the travel agency.

What must we be careful not to forget during the preparation of our participation at the seminar?

Keep the Coordinator or the National Point of Contact informed at every stage of the process.

If you have any queries please get in touch by email