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Movements of Dogs and Cats – 2017/2021

2016 96 03 -Organisation of training sessions on Control of movements of dogs and cats, i.e. intra-Union trade, imports and non-commercial movements under the Better Training for Safer Food initiative.

8 3-days training sessions (2 full days and 2 half days) will be organised in four EU Member States. Each training will include a mix of theoretical and practical sessions. Study visits to Border Inspection Posts and Travellers Points of Entry will also be organised in order to give to the participants practical examples of official checks on import, trade-in and non-commercial movements of dogs and cats.

  • Number of events during the project: 8
  • Seminar duration: 3 days
  • Regional coverage: EU MS, CC, Potential Candidate, Selected non-EU countries

Upcoming Training Sessions

There are no sessions scheduled at this time.

Session Details


This project intends to cover the controls on import, trade-in and non-commercial movements of dogs and cats from Third Countries and within EU.

In June 2013, a new set of EU legislation on non-commercial movements of pet animals and on animal health requirements on intra-Union trade and imports of dogs, cats and ferrets has been issued (Regulations EU 576/2013 and 577/2013; Directive 2013/31/EU). The aim of this project is to train a high number of competent authorities staff in order to further improve the understanding and the harmonisation of the implementation of EU legislation on the above-mentioned subjects.

Support provided by the project

The present training programme is open to EU Member States, EFTA-EEA countries, Candidate Countries and ENP countries and the expected attendance is of 240 trainees.

For each supported participant, the project will reimburse (upon provision of an original receipt from a travel agency or airline company) or will provide a return flight ticket – in economy class – using the most direct route.

For participants from third countries, the project will also reimburse visa costs upon provision of the original receipts by the participants for the incurred expenses.

The project will provide full-board accommodation for supported participants for the period of the training.

Free access to the meeting rooms and a complete set of training material will be granted to all participants.

Selection of Participants

The training programme is open to participants whose application was received from the BTSF National Contact Points of their country – through the selection process described hereunder.

The profiles of the applicants should respect the following criteria:

  • Be officers from competent authorities designated to have competencies in the design and implementation of the controls on Movements of dogs (import, trade-in or non-commercial movements).

Therefore, Veterinarians working at Border Inspection Posts, at central level and local level are eligible. In addition, customs staff responsible of the controls at the Traveller Points of Entry is also invited.

Moreover, all participants have to:

  • Be in a position to disseminate the knowledge acquired during the training within the national competent authority and/or to private sector operators.
  • Own proficiency in the language of the training.

The National Contact Points are requested to:

a) consider the number of participants to be supported by the project at each session, according to the information provided by the Project Manager

b) select participants complying with the above-mentioned selection criteria and request them to return a registration form fully completed, using the templates provided;

c) send the registration forms to the Project Manager (PM) latest by the dates indicated for the relevant training.


Project manager & Event Manager: Maureen BOURHIS


Our Movements of Dogs and Cats Team

Project Manager

Niamh O’Brien

Registration Manager

Event Staff

Shir Altivanik

Niamh O’Brien

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